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Samaritan's Purse - Festive boxes for needy children (photo slideshow)

Ashes to Go (Outdoor Ash Wednesday celebration)

St. John’s Church Is located in the county seat of a rural community.  We draw our members from all over Salem and Cumberland Counties.  

St. John’s is a caring Christian community with a generous and giving spirit. 

When we have visitors or new members, we work hard to treat them as valued members of our family.

Because we are blessed to have a generous endowment that provides for many of our needs, we are able to open our doors to many community groups that need a meeting place.  We share our facilities with AA, NA, InterAgency Council, NGA and many other groups.  Our church is often open during the Yuletide Tour of Salem, and many people stop in to see our beautiful facility and hear seasonal music.  Parish members assist at this time by being available to answer questions and relate the history of the church to those who are interested.  Our graveyard was a feature on the Haunted Tour of Salem in 2007, with a guide available to tell some of the stories of those who are buried there.

Our members are very generous with their time and talents. Two different groups have been recognized with the “Community Spirit Award” and the United Way has honored us for our community involvement.  Many members are volunteers with local organizations, such as fire and EMS, MHSC, and American Red Cross, to name a few.

St. John’s takes our principles of faith very seriously.  We reach out financially, as a parish and as individuals, to help programs and individuals in our communities when there is a need.  By our presence and our presents, we help those who need it.

One way we build our feeling of family is with our weekly “Coffee Hour” after the later service.  This gives us all a chance to know everyone in the church community and to greet visitors and new attendees.  We want everyone to feel that hospitality. The first Sunday of every month is “Birthday Sunday”— we celebrate the birthdays for the month with birthday cake.  The second Sunday is “Sandwich Sunday”, when our ECW sells sandwich platters to raise funds for their projects.

Our membership covers all ethnic groups.  Everyone is welcome at St. John’s.  We are diverse in age and household income, but united in Christ.

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Deacon Sally and Father Scott celebrate Ash Wednesday outdoors in downtown Salem.

Ashes to Go sign Deacomn Sally and Father Scott