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Salem Middle School Backpack Project
Backpacks for Salem Middle Schoolers

For the past four years, St. John's has created backpacks targeted for 8th grade students at Salem Middle School.  Many schools have 'backpack lists' that families must purchase for the new school year.  


Often these costs are prohibitive and children come to school unprepared.  Salem City schools do not have these supplies lists because so many of the children's families would not be able to purchase even the basic necessities.  Lots of organizations help with back packs.  


Before the first year a brief assay of these sources was collated and it was found that no one seemed to target late middle school students.  Using the 'supply list' from another middle school 8th grade, these backpacks are filled with binders, paper, dividers, index cards, sticky notes, pens, pencils, even calculators.  


In a recent conversation with the middle school, we were told that each child is hand picked by the guidance counselor to receive our back pack.  


We are the only organization, church or otherwise, that provides backpacks like this to the school.  Each backpack costs approximately $25 to  stuff and donations are always welcome.